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Our first book on violence

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We mailed this translation to several European human rights organizations.
In one way or another, our sister organisation WWDA (Women with disabilities Australia) discovered it. For them, it was important enough to mention it in their third newsletter of 2009 (page 10).
On the other hand, our own ministers were hardly interested.

Our second book on violence

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In The Netherlands, Juultje Holla conducted a study on behalf of Inclusion Europe into what women with intellectual disabilities experience in Dutch institutions as violence, and what effect this has on their later lives when they leave the institution. She mailed us at the end of 2016: “I think your books could be a good starting point, so I would like to buy these books.” Her research has now been completed.
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Eva Vergaert from the Free University of Brussels ordered in november 2018 our two books on violence. She is doing a research on conflicts in partner relations. Now we help her to find persons who want to share their experience with her.
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